Ketubah Artists

Designers of Exquisite Wedding Vow Art

Whether you want your wedding vow ketubah art to reflect the colors and themes of your wedding ceremony, or the elements and designs in your own home -- or heart -- your ketubah choices are many and varied. Below you will find descriptions and links for some of the ketubah artists with whom we work. These artists and ketubot are just a sampling from the hundreds of ketubot available on our website -- and at our West Los Angeles art gallery. We will continue to add ketuba artists to this page. Enjoy.

These are only a few of the ketubah artists we work with --
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Mickie Caspi
As one of the most prolific ketubah artists today, Mickie Caspi has designed Jewish wedding ketubot in a diverse range of styles. Caspi's Blue Scroll ketubah is bordered with vines, one of the artist's most prevalent Jewish wedding themes. The Star of David at the top is surrounded by two quotes from Song of Songs: "I have found the one in whom my soul delights," and "I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine." It is a Jewish wedding tradition to quote Song of Songs, as the romantic language has long lent itself to the traditional wedding vow.
Blue Tile Ketubah
Song of Love Ketubah  The Persian Silk ketuba is a timeless piece of Jewish ceremonial art. The ketubah paper has beautiful parchment-like coloration, which serves to honor the past at your Jewish wedding ceremony. Recalling the design of Persian and Moorish architecture, Blue Tile (click the blue katubah above) features a border with surprisingly bold and intricate geometry. Garden of Eden's lush stained glass-style border emphasizes the unique spaces for the Hebrew/Aramaic language and the modern English 1. Many of Mickie Caspi's wedding ketubot are available for an interfaith wedding.



Betsy Teutsch
has been designing remarkable ketubot for many years. With her most recent wedding vow designs, Trees of Life and Trees of the Forest, the artist has tapped into a wellspring of beauty and significance. Two trees embrace the wedding vow text on these Jewish marriage ketubot. The two trees represent the Tree of Life, the symbol of the Torah (the Hebrew Bible) -- as well as the central image in the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Betsy Teutsch's Trees of Life and Trees of the Forest are also available with a wedding vow renewal text.
Trees of Life Ketubah



Daniel Sroka
For an entirely contemporary and innovative wedding vow ketubah, we invite you to explore the photographic work of Daniel Sroka. Sroka's wedding ketubahs were designed to express contemporary attitudes toward marriage, love and commitment. The artist designed them to reflect modern values of compassion, understanding, and inclusion. Each of Sroka's ketubot was designed with interfaith wedding events in mind, avoiding symbols or words that might alienate the non-Jewish spouse or family. The sensitivity of the Autumn Gold ketubah, complements the artist's awareness of the feelings and needs which accompany an interfaith marriage. Daniel Sroka's ketubahs are available with a wedding vow renewal text, as well as the traditional and interfaith ketubah texts. Sroka specializes in dynamic shades of red in such pieces as Blush, Fire and Gold -- and in subtle whites and pinks, as in the Bloom and the Soft Rose ketubahs.
Rising Ketubah



Robert Saslow
Robert Saslow has written one of the most beautiful modern wedding vow texts -- and his ketubah art matches his mastery of language. Variations of Saslow's stunning marriage text are featured on all of his ketubot, except those with Aramaic-Only ketubah text 1. The artist's ketubah text is available with a few variations, including texts appropriate for an interfaith marriage or a same sex marriage. Endless Moments -- a quietly elegant lithograph ketubah -- is a collaboration between Robert Saslow and Gallery Judaica. The Endless Moments ketubah is available with gold or silver foil. Blue Dawn is a beautiful ketubah with great artistic depth and Jewish symbol imagery. Also exploring the Judaic Tree of Life theme, Seasons of Joy, Holy Land and Toscana ketubot share a similar color scheme, yet they celebrate different aspects of Jewish traditions -- the Jewish holiday calendar, Jerusalem, and a synagogue in Florence, Italy -- respectively. Saslow's Seasons Eternal ketubah stands out in its symbolic significance, as it features the endless cycle of the seasons in exciting colors, with a round ketubah text.
Endless Moments Gold Ketubah



 Kinetics of Desire Ketubah by Amy Fagin Amy Fagin
Inspired painter Amy Fagin has diverged from traditional ketubah art-piece esthetics. Her work has been an innovative asset to many a Jewish wedding ceremony. As you explore our online ketubah gallery, you may notice that Fagin's Jewish wedding vow ketubot have an unmistakable uniqueness. We invite you to look at Amy Fagin's Wind Song, Hand in Hand and One Heart ketubahs, as well as the rest of the artist's contributions to the Jewish wedding ritual of signing a wedding contract.



Gad Almaliah
Gad Almaliah's hand-embossed silver-alloy and copper wedding vow art veers away from colorful lithographs, and instead employs thin, bas relief-like metal plates, which border the Jewish wedding ketuba text. Ahuvim (Lovers), Seven Blessings and Illustrated ketubot are stunning examples of Jewish art in subtle three-dimensions. For more vibrance, the artist has also designed Jewish marriage ketubot in watercolors as well -- watercolor Ahuvim, Masoret, Eretz and Soul's Delight.



Naomi Teplow
On the other end of the art-piece katubah spectrum, Naomi Teplow makes wondrous use of bright, exhilarating colors. Her wedding vow art is filled with lush nature scenes -- favoring all manner of natural wonders, from waterfalls to palm trees and pomegranates to the changing of the seasons. Rejoice in Thy Festival ketubah is "guarded" by the lions of Judah, atop this dynamic wedding art piece. Ketubah imagery for Jewish weddings, such as the Jewish calendar and the constellations, is beautifully portrayed in Teplow's Circle of Time. Song of Songs is another Jewish marriage document with a circular ketubah text -- surrounded by a flowing patchwork of Jewish symbol imagery.
Ein Gedi Spring Ketubah