More About Gallery Judaica offers gifts and necessities for a Jewish wedding, Hanukkah, Passover, Shabbat, and any other day when you want to keep in mind such Jewish ideals as shalom (peace and togetherness) and tzedakah (charity and justice).

Our Gallery specializes in contemporary judaica -- modern designs applied to Jewish art and ceremonial objects.  We opened our doors over 30 years ago, just at the beginning of the renaissance in modern Jewish art.  Around that time, various innovative artists and craftspeople began focusing their skills and imagination on outwardly expressing their contemporary visions of Judaism's inner beauty.  It was -- and continues to be -- their way of expressing "hiddur mitzvah," or "beautification of the commandments."

The result has been a wondrous emergence of colors, forms and concepts, forged in materials ranging from traditional sterling silver to colorful papercut ketubot.  Gallery Judaica offers a journey through many new artistic voices of an ancient religion and culture.

If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail, or call us during business hours -- and if you find yourself in Southern California, please stop by and say "Shalom!" Shalom means "peace" -- from the Hebrew root-word "shalem," meaning "whole" or "complete" -- and we use the word to express greetings and to bid farewell.  So enjoy our site and may we all know shalom.

Gallery Judaica (e-mail)

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